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AX430P or AX430R - 11-13ft

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  • AX430  Series.
  • Suits 11 to 13 ft Boats narrow frame.
  • LED Submersible Lights.
  • Comes with either carpet pads or 12 wobble rollers 
  • 1200lb strap 3:1 winch
  • Windup Jockey wheel
  • GVM 750kg
  • Fully Hot dipped Galvanised
  • Fully adjustable


$2089     AX430P with pads
$2290    AX430R with 12 wobble rollers

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  • Single axle Boat Trailer fit boats around 11 to 12ft.
  • Comes with either carpet pads on sides and wobbly rollers as shown.
  • Fully welded one piece main frame for extra strength, not bolted like some other makes.
  • Main Frame heavy duty 70x50x3mm.
  • Draw Bar heavy duty 70x70x3mm.
  • In between the mudguards 1600mm, outside 2100mm.
  • Heavy Duty frame – compare size and thickness of the steel.

Comes complete with:

  • LED submersible lights wired up with flat plug.
  • Windup jockey wheel.
  • Large 1200lb capacity winch with strap so no rusty cable, 2 speeds.
  • All nuts bolts and U bolts are full hot dipped galvanised or stainless steel.
  • New galvanised wheels with duty trailer tyres.
  • Galvanised springs
  • Fully adjustable winch post, axle position and rollers, so will fit almost any boat in that size range.

  • 155R12 Trailer wheels rated 560kg and over.

We reserve the right to amend specifications & design

Additional Options

Registration and Warrant: $165
Spare wheels from $155
upgrade to 195R13 wheels 650kg and hubs $200
Bearing Buddies fitted and filled with grease incl.

Unsure What Model?

  • Give us the details of your boat and we can tell you if it will fit this model or recommend one you need
  • Enquire now Or call us on our Freephone 0800 162 500

Boats we fitted on our Trailers:

  • Dory