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We offer a 5 Years structural  Warranty on our new trailers on the main frame construction.

All our trailers are made from quality materials and components. We are continually improving our design of our trailers so details will change as improvements occur.

Our trailers carry a 5 year structural guarantee and 12 months on their components  sold by us and carry a parts warranty for twelve months from the date of purchase. Claims accepted under warranty will be attended to within 24 hours by service at the nearest center nominated by Xpress Trailers Ltd. The responsibility and cost of getting the trailer to the service center rests with the owner.

We offer a full 12 Month warranty on the following trailers parts.

This covers all components including:


wheel bearings,


wheels and hubs,



jockey wheel

Not covered:

Punctures and tire damage

Brake Pads

Over loading of Jockey wheel

Damage if severely overloaded or incorrectly set up

This warranty forms part of our Terms of Trade except where contradicted elsewhere.